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55 High Quality Business Card Tutorials And PSD Templates

Designing an effective and professional business card is not an easy task. A designer must have insightful knowledge about the process of developing professional looking business cards. Furthermore, f

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7 Ways to Create Your Own Unique Style in Designing

Let's be honest: the big secret to becoming a well-known and super successful designer is to have your own unique style. Sure you'll bag some clients by perusing tutorial sites, but when you really de

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A Brief Introduction to Web 3.0

If you ask some, they'll tell you Web 2.0 as we know it is probably on its way out the door. For many, Web 2.0 is characterized mainly by the ability of users to share information quickly with others,

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Bridging the Gap: Difference between Print and Web Design

It's becoming more and more common for modern-day graphic designers to take on more than one role. In the area of design, many have to be familiar with both print design and web design, which doesn't

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Make Yourself Irreplaceable with a Limited Skillset

Not all of us designers are a Jack-(or Jill)-of-all-trades. Some of us have that one thing we are really good at and we are okay at other things. We might be great web designers, but our coding skills

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Two HUGE Myths of Setting Cheap Prices

Going into business as a web designer is tough. You may often see people glorify the life of a freelancer as a utopian life of beach trips, Apple products and lots of money. The truth is, when startin