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Open uri20130705 24171 uew5hf article

15+ alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud | Webdesigner Depot

We're all familiar with Adobe Creative Cloud (née Creative Suite). Popular favorites are Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Fireworks. They're great tools that are ext

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15+ food and restaurant web designs | Webdesigner Depot

How do we live without food? It's our sustenance. It's the reason why we live and can be the reason for the opposite. Many events, conferences and groups surr

Open uri20130705 24171 r63y2v article

15+ innovative flat design websites - Webdesigner Depot

I first took notice of flat color web design when Google started to redesign their sites. This was during a time when gradients and drop shadows were all the

15 really creative 404 pages | Webdesigner Depot

We've talked about 'Contact' pages. We've talked about the 'About' page. You know what to put on these pages because, hopefully, you've thought long and hard ab

Open uri20130705 24171 1hql9p6 article

15 web sites with excellent UX | Webdesigner Depot

User experience is greatly important in the development of a website these days. A great user experience makes sure someone visit your site and enjoy every port

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20+ beautiful brushes from | Webdesigner Depot

 As an amateur designer, there were two things I loved to go to when making pieces: filters and brushes. Filters were just cool and fun to mess around with. Br